Hello hello! And welcome 🙂

We’re a young family living out in Joburg, but really on a mission to live life at our own pace.…running in our own lane, and pursuing what matters for us.

We’ve been married for 8 years now and are currently expecting our 4th little human <3.

When we’re not changing nappies and having tickle fights, we’re pursuing our passions in ventures as wide and varied as photography, worship, media, fashion, education and business….and we enjoy exploring new places together 🙂


Otherwise known as Langa to the masses 🙂
The creative, reigning-tickle-fest-champion, the-plan-maker, and the dreamer.
Probably wouldn’t be able to live without (lots of) shoes, music, umngqusho & movies



Otherwise known as Unathi 🙂
Reigning scrabble champion, chief caretaker-of-everyone-and-everything, Mrs-too-many-ideas-for-this-life, liker of things.
Die-hard fan of clothes, good coffee, DIY, fancy things on a budget, dark chocolate (less than 70% though lol!) & meat


Full name: Holizizwe (meaning “Lead the Nations” in Zulu)
2 years old, he knows he’s the youngest and he takes advantage of his siblings ☺..especially the very kind and patient big sis.
His favourite thing at the moment is wotayeye (watermelon).
He loves shoes, and everything and anything musical
He gets upset when you can’t understand what he’s trying to say….who doesn’t lol!



Full name: Hubolodumo (meaning “A Psalm of His Praise in Zulu)
4 years old – He’s very smart, catches concepts quickly and has a brilliant memory
He’s currently into breakdancing, and anything that involves fighting.
He loves Po, kung fu, dumplings, and wants to go to Asia to be a dragon warrior


Full name: Kumkanikazi (meaning “Queen” in Xhosa)
6 years old – The awesomest big sister ever!
Kind, smart, intuitive, a learning enthusiast , and Queen of the stage!
Loves all things girly but will wrestle the boys anytime



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