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On Picking Up Toys

Having young kids means toys sprawled about everywhere 24/7! And always having to clean up toys can feel like a madman’s work! But this morning as I was cleaning up the kids’ toys, I actually found myself taking joy in it. I’ve always wanted children, so this morning, cleaning up…

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Our Birthday Traditions

We love birthdays at our house, who doesn’t though?! We treasure each other’s birthdays and we try to make the day as special as possible, without feeling like we need to break the bank to do so.   IT ALL BOILS DOWN TO MEMORIES I generally love organising parties and events…

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to have lots of kids. My husband and I initially wanted to have “as many kids as we can”.  Then that number moved to 5-7.  and then finally, the number eventually came down to 4 lol!  Somewhere along the journey…

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Because I Said So…

There is no phrase as tempting as this one!  Especially at the stage our children are currently at, where every little thing seems to be faced with the question “Why??” “Why do I have to eat my vegetables?” “Why must I go to sleep?” “Why do I have to go…

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