Sadly, one of the things I didn’t get taught at home, or at school, or at church, is to take good care of my body. Health is not one of those things that kids should be left to ‘figure out’.

Funny enough, we expect kids to grow up to be sensible, healthy adults….but if they grow up eating Coco Pops in the morning, and Russian rolls and chips at the tuck shop, when exactly are they meant to get the revelation?

South Africa currently has the highest overweight and obesity ranking in sub-Saharan Africa, and is in the world’s top 10 ?.  I’m really hoping to start a new chapter for me and mine…..

I must admit, it’s not the easiest, and it requires time, effort, discipline, intentionality….but I’d rather pay the cost than have my kids pay it.

#obesitymustfall #hlasela?