It’s been a few months into the lockdown we all believed was going to last 21 days! (What a scam! Haha!).

On a serious note though, we’ve been through a lot as the nation, including families, businesses, employees, and most certainly couples.

But we’ve gotta find ways to keep those flames burning and to sustain these very critical relationships, even in despite all the lockdown restrictions. 

We need to be intentional about guarding our marriage relationships. If anything, our marriages should be a safe haven to run to when everything else is turning upside down. 

I know it can be tough, or feel like you need to do something extra-ordinary to create really special moments with your person in this time, but it doesn’t have to be complicated at all…a little can go a long way.

Today, I’ll be sharing 5 date ideas for you and your lover; easy & pretty cheap date ideas that you get up to even under the lockdown conditions. 

No More Date Nights!! 🙁

My husband and I typically go on a date night every Thursday evening. 

And over the lockdown, when most places have been closed, and going to restaurants hasn’t been an option, we had to find more creative ways to create a gap to spend some quality time together. 

So, I’m sharing 5 of those ideas with you today. And they’re mostly very easy ideas that can be done on a low budget. 

For us, date night is not about going to fancy places & eating out, but it’s about consistently spending quality time togethers.

So we prioritise our date nights; even the kids know – and even when we don’t have money to eat out, which is most times, we’ll drive out to the garage, grab a coffee & sit and chat in the car. 

Ok, so getting straight into it, here is some of what we got up to: 

5 Easy Date Ideas (even in lockdown) 

  • 1. Watching the sun set at Northcliff Hill 

  • Ok, the first one is for the Joburg peeps, but I’m pretty sure each city has a pretty scenic place where you can watch the sun set.
  • We packed a small picnic bag, with snacks and wine & just hung out watching the sun set. 

    I dare you to try this, without just wanting to kiss your person 😘
  • I think this has easily been one of my favourite dates….it’s the simplicity & ease for me

  • Entrance is free & I’ve found Northcliff Hill to be relatively safe. There are always people there 
  • 2. Hiking at Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve 
  • Once again, it doesn’t have to be this hiking spot, this is just one of our faves because it’s relatively close to us and it’s free 😊. (Yes, free is my favourite price 😊) 
  • You don’t even have to do a challenging hike (although I personally like a challenge) the whole point is just being together, and there’s also something beautiful about being together in nature ❤️
  • We just packed water & snacks but You can also make a whole day out of this and even pack a picnic, etc

  • 3. Take A Walk

If you’re not really into hiking, you could also just take a stroll in your neighbourhood or the nearest beautiful park. 

Grab a beverage of your choice and just hang out. 

  • 4. Date Night at Home / Come Dine With Me 
  • You could go out for a meal, but why not change things up a bit and create a dining experience under your own roof? 
  • I know for those of us who are cooking for most days, this might not sound attractive at all 😂 
  • But on this particular occasion, we were on a strict lockdown and restaurants weren’t open anyway, and my husband planned and prepared a romantic dinner for the two of us 😍
  • And the food was quite 👌🏾restaurant quality. 
  • Chairs and tables
  • Not a cheap option of course, also depending on what yuh choose to eat but whatever it is, it would still be at a fraction of what you’d typically spend at a restaurant. 
  • 5. Romantic Picnic 
  • And of course, a picnic never fails! 😄
  • Pack a picnic basket and take it anywhere. 
  • Infact you don’t even have to go far at all, when parks were closed and it was winter and freezing cold outside anyway, we created a picnic indoors.  

And that’s it for our Lockdown Love edition – 5 easy date ideas

But wait there’s more! 

We have a bonus date idea!

And this one we love to do every now and then, especially when we’re feeling overwhelmed by life, or just feeling like we just need a break or want to celebrate an anniversary or something but can’t afford to go on a full blown holiday! 

And we call it – One Night Only! 

We’ll book out a hotel for one night only! Sometimes an hour or two away, sometimes, just 20 minutes from home! 

And it’s honestly amazing what even a few hours outside of your normal day to day can do for you and your relationship.

This was just 2 weeks ago. It was an impromptu decision! We didn’t even pack a bag, and we literally drove out and found a place on our way out!

And that is it for the round up! I hope this post has somewhat inspired you to do something, great or small, to create those special moments in your marriage 🙂