Why didn’t anyone tell me that that water aerobics class at gym is for gogos?? ???

I think I’ve just seen, in movies probably, those water classes where people do these amazing-looking manoeuvres in the water, and I really thought maybe they were gonna teach us stuff like that in that class haha! A bit ambitious maybe?…….I can’t even swim lol! but I was hoping for something somewhat elaborate.
And that is definitely not what I found when I got to the class ???.

Firstly, I arrived there and I was the only person under 50! At first I was disappointed, and then I thought “at least I’m the fittest person here, I’ll be the star of this class” haha! But in all honesty, some of the exercises did show me flames, particularly the ones that require you to float ?. And then there was one Gogo in the class, 74 years old, who made me her granddaughter for the duration of the class, shame she was so sweet…she’d show me the technique for the exercises and stuff.

So, besides being the youngest and firmest ? in that class, I was somewhat humbled. This was actually not the first time that something like this happened to me at gym, I experience the same thing in Pilates.  Always the youngest there but the one who seems to struggle the most, simply because the people in these classes have faithfully committed themselves to learning these techniques; and over the months and years, they have mastered them, and although their bodies are aged, they are quite fit.

Lesson learned: it’s not always about being the youngest, fastest, fittest, prettiest, smartest, etc…….faithfulness and commitment can go a long way.

Most things in life don’t happen overnight, as much as we wish they could. It takes faithfulness and commitment to accomplish anything that’s worth accomplishing……whether it’s achieving fitness, learning to play an instrument, honing a skill, starting a business, etc…..it can take a while to start seeing progress, but once you’ve attained it, it’s something you can enjoy for a lifetime (in most cases).