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This moment here was the sum of mentorship and discipleship for me.

All my kids absolutely love swimming but the younger two are scared of waves. 

So, when we got to the beach on this day, Zizwe was scared to get into the water.

This moment here was big sis Kumi holding his hand so he could face the waves. 

She stood there with him for a while, helping him get used to the waves, wave after wave….and she stood there with him waiting for the biggest waves….and when they came, she was right there, holding his hand even when he tried to run away …and even though he was scared, I’m guessing there was a sense of safety as he held onto his big sister’s hand. 

What a beautiful moment ️️!

And this for me, speaks to the importance of discipleship and mentorship in life.  In whatever sphere of life, whether it’s in school, parenting, faith, business, marriage, whatever….it’s so important to walk with someone/people who have gone a step before you.

Some things seem like big, scary waves when you’re facing them on your own, but when you’re in the company of those who have ridden the same waves before you, you don’t have to start from square one.

With someone holding your hand, there are some mistakes that you even don’t have to make because those who have been there before can warn you of the slippery and the deep places in the ocean you’re crossing….and all of a sudden, the waves don’t look so big anymore, and you can actually enjoy the journey to the fullest. 

My life has been so enriched by people who have held my hand in the Christian walk, in marriage, in parenting….I’m still seeking out people to mentor me in business & also working on being more intentional about having regular meetings with mentors in the other areas.

And on the other side, I wanna encourage us all to be open to be those big sisters and brothers to those around us. And as intimidating as it might sound, I’ve found that this is actually the “easier” role….If you’ve been married, in business, been a Christian, been a parent, etc for even a little bit longer than someone else, you have something valuable to share….don’t ever underestimate that.

Do you admire the way someone does something you want to be good at? Visit them or ask them out to a coffee! 

Also, how can you share what you have (learnt)?  Even Jesus took guys under His wing and taught them the way. 

Let’s be open to ask, let’s be open to give….this is true community living.  It takes a village not only to raise a child but to lead a wholesome life…

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