You know how u stumble across a scripture and you get s new revelation, a new ‘Aha’ moment like you’ve never read it before, even though you probably have?  That’s what happened to me with 1 Peter 1:20a today

“He was chosen before the world was created.”

In my mind all along, I’ve kinda imagined the God-people-sin-Jesus scenario to be like “God created man, man sinned, man was separated from God, God made a plan, enter Jesus”, but clearly I had failed to take into account God’s all-knowing characteristic.  

If God knows the past, present and future; then that means that He knew what would happen before He even created the world…..and that is the mind-blowing part!!  

That He saw it all: the rebellion, the sin, the death, the hurt, the destruction that humans would cause…..and He had the option not to create humans at all….but He still did.  And so “He was chosen before the world was created” to bear it all, to reunite man to God after the fact, which was in fact before the fact. 

jesus cross
Can you imagine the conflict that might have gone on in His heart as He lovingly and beautifully created the very humans whom He knew would rebel and spit in His face?
Why did He go through with it?  What was this thing that encouraged and persuaded Him to go ahead with it even though He knew what it meant for Him?………..LOVE??