don't wait until you're perfect

Until today, I’d always seen Sarah (Abraham’s wife) in such a perfect light.  When I thought of her, a perfect woman came to mind….and of course the words “Mother of Nations”.  Rightly so, because this is the woman that God chose amongst them all to bear the nation of God, Abraham and Sarah were the first Israelites, the entire nation came through them (that’s huge!).  They are the mother and father of God’s people! 

Anyway, I was reading Hagar’s story and it only clicked today that Sarah was far from being a Ms Holy & Perfect Goody-Two-Shoes ?.  

Firstly, there was that whole shenanigan between her and Abraham, when they decided she would pretend she’s Abraham’s sister, and then got married off to the Pharoah…..*smh*….I mean, really!

Secondly… of the things that shook me is that throughout scripture you see that the people who have been mightily used by God had a lot of faith… Abel, Noah, Abraham, Moses, you name them…..  But here was Sarah, mightily used by God….and yet when God told her she’d give birth to a son, she (probably rolled her eyes and) laughed!  Like “Yeah right God, a woman of my age, you’ve got to be kidding me” And then when asked about it, she denied it ?.  (Side note: this conversation cracks me up ….God: Why did Sarah laugh? Sarah: I didn’t laugh. God: No, but you did laugh. <Like, really?? Are we having this conversation…..with God? Lol !>)

Okay, so back to the point lol!…..we can see there’s no faith there. 

And then thirdly, there’s the way she treated Hagar… cut a long story short, she basically offered her up to Abraham to impregnate her, and then basically abused and oppressed her after that until she couldn’t take it anymore and ran away ?.  Now that totally destroyed that perfect “Mother of the Nations” image I had of her……had I not been reading my bible all along? 


Anyway, all of this really got me thinking about how God uses the most imperfect people to accomplish His purposes.  We really don’t need to wait until we sort ourselves out, or work on our relationship with God, or stop doing this and that, before God can use us.   If God could use Sarah in the mighty way that He did, in the state that she was in…..then surely He can use you and I in the state that we’re in.  Don’t wait ’til you’re perfect.  You’re just perfect.