Often, we feel like we need to be “good people” before we can even approach God.  When we sin, we feel the need to clean up our act and then go to God.  That’s such a wrong view of who God is.  That view assumes that God only loves us when we do good. In the contrary, I believe that this is a scheme that the enemy uses to keep us away from God….trying to fix ourselves, because we all know you can never truly succeed.

I love what Jesus says in Matthew 9:13

“Healthy people don’t need a doctor, the sick do. I have come not to call the righteous, but sinners”.

So essentially, if you’re all good and righteous, then you don’t need Jesus because he came for those who know that they are a mess and need help.

Even as a Christian, it’s easy to get to that place of feeling like you’ve arrived….when your relationship with God is so good, when you’re going to church and doing all these great things for Jesus…..but for me, it usually just takes me reading a chapter of the Bible to realise how far I am from God’s standard and how I need His grace and mercy in my life. I’m sick, I need a doctor.