We recently did a week focused on learning about the human body in our homeschool 🙂

There is honestly SOOO much to learn about the human body, no wonder people spend years upon years in university studying!

I must say:
1) Just in preparing for these lessons, I was in awe of God’s design….when you learn more about everything that is happening in every moment in our bodies, the magnificence and brilliance of it all, man….I couldn’t help but worship God. 

& 2) I tried not to get overwhelmed with all the information, because one thing leads to another which could take a whole month, and that thing leads to another…so it was a bit difficult to focus on just one aspect, but we tried.

Anyway, learning is meant to be lifelong, so, it’s good to know that we’ll never run out of things to learn about, in just the area of the human anatomy.


It’s really important for me to get good books or books that have good and rich information; because my approach is not necessarily that of teaching, but more of discovering and learning together. 

These are the 3 books that we used for our information.

I bought the “Journey Around And Inside Your Amazing Body” from Readers Warehouse for R79.

“What’s Inside You” is from the Sonlight curriculum (we are borrowing these from friends).

“Human Body” is from the Love2Learn curriculum (we bought this second hand).


After reading about the skeletal system, we spent one of the days building one from a free printable that we got from here.

The activity was lots of fun, very interesting for the kids and quite easy for the younger one as well.

For the background paper, I ideally wanted to get butcher paper but couldn’t find any close to me, so I bought poster paper from Checkers Hyper, and just stapled them together 

After putting the skeleton together, each of the kids had fun making the skeleton do silly things haha!


On another day, after reading a bit more on organs and the digestive system, we added the major human organs and the digestive system to the skeleton.

We used the same chart paper we had used initially, and first traced Kumi’s body on it.  We then rebuilt the skeleton, and added the organs, which was also a great  lesson for everyone, including myself 🙂

We got the printables for free from here.

PS: With all the printables, I’d really suggest making time for the prep, because there’s quite a lot of cutting, especially if you want to cut around bones, the organs, etc nicely.

Here are more resources we added to the lesson for some fun and variety:


Below are some of the videos we liked, and included into our days: 

The Human Body – This is a really great and informative video.  I love how they’ve organised the information into the different systems of the human body and show how they all work together.
It’s 38 minutes long though 🙂

Major organs of the human body – Short video on the major organs.

Skeletal system rap song – Fun rap song on the human skeleton.

Skeleton song – Short fun song teaching a few of the names of the bones, especially for the younger ones.

Ok, that’s it from us this week.

Please let us know what you think, in the comments below. Are you one of the people who are now considering homeschooling? How can we help?

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