Just a reminder, beautiful friends….it’s ok to want different things for us and ours. 

It’s ok if people don’t understand or agree with our decisions or way of life (as long as it’s not harming anyone, of course)

We don’t have to be apologetic to people that don’t understand the reason for our choices. 

We are ultimately responsible for own lives & those in our care….and we need to lead lives that are thought out, weighed and considered; whether that goes with popular/current culture or not.

Mina, if different choices make me weird or anything like that, I’ll take it yazi 😅

Just an encouragement as well, to ask & seek understanding when people choose things that don’t make sense to you. 

If a person chooses something that’s good for themselves; that doesn’t automatically mean that they’re inferring that your choices are inferior.  It just means they found it to be the best choice for them. But taking a moment to consider  their thoughts and stance won’t hurt either 😃

We’re created to be so beautifully diverse; and yet sometimes we can use that in a divisive or negative manner rather than just appreciate the beauty of diversity & whether there’s anything we can learn from others’ varying ways.