One of the things I think I’d want for God to play back for me when I get to Heaven is: what the heck happens to all the socks?!?!

Nothing could be more mysterious – and no matter how many pairs I buy and how well I try to take care of them, they always seem to disappear!

Enter kids into the equation and we have eleventy-seven socks missing!


And I’m actually one of those people who will not be found dead wearing mismatched socks, my personality type just doesn’t allow me to haha!….so I really struggle.

It was particularly the frustration with the kids’ missing socks that drove me mad, I was replacing socks all the time….until I had this lightbulb moment!


*drumrolllllll* Are you ready?!? ??




When I buy socks, firstly, I buy a few pairs.

But secondly and more importantly , I buy lots of the same socks.

And that is my simple Missing Sock Hack!


So, even if 1 or 2 socks go missing, I don’t notice anymore because there’s automatically another same sock to pair up with.

Problem Solved. Matching socks for days. Happy Mama 🙂  Cool, hey?


I know Mamas always have some nifty hacks up their sleeves, so please do share some of your hacks with us in the comments section.