I fell at gym today!

Our workout started with 5 laps around the gym….I fell on my first one…

What a stupid, hard fall! The surface was a bit uneven and I wasn’t paying attention and I fell so hard….like, flat on the pavement y’all 🙆🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

And of course, this was followed by the instructor and fellow gymers congregating around me to say their sorries and trying to see if I’m fine 🙈

And after assuring everyone I was ok, I stayed down for a few more minutes because wow, this whole grown up had just fallen flat on the ground.

Anywhooo….eventually got up, dusted myself and continued with the run.

By this time, most people were finishing with their laps, and I was just starting…..but I determined to pace myself and do all of them.

Back at gym, everyone basically had to start the rest of their session based on the time they came back in, so by the time I got in, people were halfway with their workout.

Because of my competitive nature, my first inclination was to rush through my workout so I could catch up and be at the same place as everyone.

But then sense kicked in, and I had to remind myself that it’s ok for me to be behind because I had fallen.

I realistically could not expect myself to be where everyone else was because no one else had fallen this morning.

It was perfectly fine for me to be where I was. I hadn’t planned on falling but guess what, falling is what happened, and I could either be caught up trying to catch up with everyone else who hadn’t gone through my experience or I could make the best of my time by continuing to pace myself and finish my circuit in my own time.

And finish, I did. In good time, if I should say so myself.

And it was a much more pleasant journey the moment I freed myself from desperately wanting to catch up with the rest of the group.

I hope I can remember to apply this lesson in all of life. When things don’t go according to plan, to keep my head down and focus on running my race instead of looking around to see who I need to catch up with.

And in actual fact, though we may all be on the same journey, iindlela esibekelwe zona azifani (the paths set out for us are not the same). So your fellow sojourners will not always be where you need to be.

And, no, I don’t necessarily think there was a higher purpose to me falling haha! It’s life, people fall!
Unexpected and undesirable things happen, it’s life. How you proceed from your fall is what counts.