The phrase about “greener grass” has come to communicate that we shouldn’t desire what our neighbour has;  but I had a new thought the other day. 

So, it’s spring and I’m trying to get the garden back up. And you must know that I’m not the greatest at this gardening thing, I’m just really trying cos I believe in it and all its benefits😅

Anyway…So, I was watering the grass….my very brown, dry, and sad-looking grass; and I took a look next door to see how their grass is doing. And it was a far cry from mine – very green, very luscious, very inviting.

The first thought that came to mind was the “grass always seems greener on the other side” phrase but in a “consoling myself” kind of way, you know.  Like “their grass might look greener but you don’t know their problems” 😂🙈.

And then I realised, “No sisi, the grass is greener because it’s consistently being watered and taken care of”.

My neighbour loves his garden, and he puts in the work.  In the mornings, you’ll find him in his garden, tending to it. In the afternoons, it’ll be his sons you’ll find watering it. 

As a result, you’re guaranteed to find it looking green and amazing, no matter the season.

This got me thinking about my desire for green grass….it’s very desirable but it doesn’t just come, it requires some kind of work, effort and commitment. 

It then got me thinking about how often we can desire things, without counting the cost of what it takes to acquire them.

I want the green grass, but am I willing to do what’s required to have it?

It looks beautiful and I want it so much, but do I realise what work it takes to actually have a thriving garden?

Am I willing to put my head down and consistently work towards it, day in and day out? 

If not, we have a real big problem…of wanting things without wanting to put in the work – which breeds all these problems we have in society of people taking short cuts to success, etc – we want what someone else has but we’re not willing to put in work & time, we want it instantly…the microwave generation. 
And this goes for every area of life, whether it’s possessions, success in the workplace, a thriving marriage, or well-raised children – there is nothing good, beautiful and worthy to be desired that doesn’t require putting in the work.

I was also thinking about the fact that his garden remains beautiful even in the winter.

And I guess, as a seasoned gardener, through his experience, through learning, through trial and error, he has learnt the ins and outs of gardening; but he’s bearing the fruits now because of all that work which I wasn’t even privy to…and I have no idea how long it’s taken him to get here but I desire it and I desire it now.

I have so many thoughts on this and the analogies are endless, but here is what I walked away with: THE GRASS IS GREENER WHERE IT IS WATERED.