I haven’t written anything in the past 3 months because I’ve been feeling so pap :/. We’re expecting another sweet little bundle of joy (whoop whoop!!) but this has been the worst first trimester out of all three!  The fatigue and the nausea had me down pretty much everyday, and it didn’t help that I’m a stay/work at home mom of 2 active toddlers….yoh, I saw proper flames! But I’m glad it’s over now….whoweee…..I’m feeling so much better 🙂

So, our family’s growing…exciting times! We recently bought an 8-seater dining room table that we intend to fill…haha!….so this is a step in the right direction :). But I must say though, that in my mind, I’d kind of seen this year as the year I’d really focus on my photography business so I’d said to God He must give me a break haha, but clearly He just did His own thing.  So I was quite surprised that I was soooo soooo excited when I found out, (Langa says I literally shoved the stick in his face as I was jumping up and down haha!) I expected to be less excited.

I’m just reminded of what a miracle it is to carry a human being inside of me…experiencing this little person grow from a little speck to a full grown baby….it is the most precious thing ever! After my first trimester challenges, I can now appreciate the pregnancy again!

So, I’m about 14 weeks now….growing rapidly….the tummy is just really out there…I look like I’m about 6 months pregnant…really….and I’ve gained around 5kg…..for a little person that’s about 5cm big…and considering I still have another 6 months to go :/  Yoh, I wonder how much weight I will gain this time….I gained 20kg with the past two (including the baby)….but anyway, I don’t stress much about putting on the weight, because it needs to happen…it’s part of the process (except for those lucky ones who don’t gain much weight :|)….as long as I’m eating well…..I just focus on getting it off after the baby lol!

Ok, ok…..that’s it for now…….I was just sharing the news ;)….Mommyhood for the third time…it should be interesting 😉 I do get moments though, especially when the two little ones drive me crazy, where I ask myself “What have I done?! How will I stay sane with 3 toddlers” haha! But 99% of the time, it’s positive thoughts…..plus my 3 year old first born, Kumi is already promising to help me change the nappies and to feed the baby haha! She’s so sweet, when she’s eating she’ll leave a small piece for ‘the baby’ <3……How can I not have more when they’re so adorable?? Ok, ok…that’s really it for now 🙂