This Is Not An Anti Abortion Post

It’s just thoughts that I had when I went for my 12 week baby scan.  I am personally not for abortion though. 

Anyway, a few weeks ago I went for an ultra sound scan, on the day my baby turned 12 weeks.  Looking at the scan, I was so amazed at how much this little person was so developed at just 12 weeks.  We could literally see all the limbs and stuff.  

Just 5cm big but the baby was so well formed, from the shape, we could tell what what was.  We could clearly see the head, the body, the legs, the arms, the heart beating, the brain, and even the little stumps where the fingers and toes were starting to grow ❤️

And then I had this sad thought.  I thought about our abortion laws, and how the day before it would’ve been just ‘ok’ to kill this person (before 12 weeks, abortion is legal)……and how some people justify it by saying that at that stage it’s not a person but just an embryo.  But here I was looking at this Person…..his heart beating, his brain functional, him moving around and sucking on his thumb…..and I was just sad…..truly sad….