The early years are demanding & exhausting, but oh what a privilege to be entrusted with the duty of caring for a little human: carrying them while they’re being formed inside of you, birthing them into this world, introducing them to this life & helping them to acclimatise, caring for them day & night, nurturing them as they grow, and being a big part of their formation until they are fully developed beings.

Being a mom can be a lot but that front-row seat is just too precious ❤️

And I’m so grateful that even though I’m honestly not the most well equipped person for this job, God, in His grace-filled ways, covers & carries these little people as I care for them. Because honestly, what a mess it would be otherwise😅

Sometimes I look at this tiny little helpless one, and I’m like “Wow, you’re still alive” 😅

I hope I never take for granted the way in which God enables me to do the simplest and the most complicated of things.