If education is about the training of our children’s minds and the shaping of their hearts, why is it so primarily focused on the ABCs & 123s?

Even though this is one of the reasons I homeschool (to be able to define for ourselves what an education is), I’ll admit I’m still guilty of focusing way too much time and effort on the ABCs & 123s over the other weightier matters like spiritual wellbeing, loving God, loving & serving people, stewarding of gifts & talents, etc


We are first and foremost spiritual beings in physical bodies, who will continue to exist even after this world passes.
Learning to live for beyond this world and time is something that I constantly need to remind myself of.

And that even in living in this current world, the things that please God, are very different from the things that impress & excite man.
So, in raising our children, we need to constantly question what we’re teaching them, through the lives we’re living and how we’re instructing them.

And that goes for the definition of success as well.
What kind of success are we setting our children up for? What are we teaching them to value the most, to focus on, to dedicate their hearts & effort towards?