We’ve got some really good books on learning about the weather and the different seasons, but here are some of the fun activities that we’ve used to reinforce the ideas and concepts.


We love playing this free printable weather game.  It’s fun and helps the kids remember the weather terms, and of course anything with dice reinforces mathematical skills.


Another easy, fun and free activity is this free printable sorting activity that basically gets the little ones to sort clothing and accessories into summer and winter pages.  It’s great for fine motor skills as well, as they get to cut and paste, which also helps them practice their scissor skills.


I like this puzzle from RGS Group.  I generally enjoy their products, they have toys that are really educational, so the kids have fun while they’re learning.  They’re also quite reasonably priced.  I’ve never bought directly from them though, I usually get their stuff  at HomeStuff.


We also like this Youtube song about the 4 seasons of the year.


If you’d like to see some of the resources and activities I’ve used/liked for teaching the kids about this topic, you can check out my Weather & Seasons Pinterest board.