the different kinds of people you will find at gym

Every time I go to gym I can’t help but be inspired by all the people there, it’s inspiring on so many levels.

Firstly, people at gym have made a resolution: to work on having a fitter/healthier/stronger/slimmer body. It’s one thing just deciding on something, but when you have to invest your hard-earned cash into a decision, it’s something else.

And phela, gym is quite pricey…(sidenote: it’s actually quite sad that gym is only accessible to an elite few but well, there are a whole lot of other forms of exercise)

And then when you are at gym you come across at least 3 different types of people.


The first group is the Strong Ones.  The type you expect to find a gym vele, the examples of why you want to be at gym (lol!), the ones whose bodies you can’t help but stare at in the change rooms ?.

This group is inspiring to me because they have worked very hard to be where they are! You know what I mean, we’ve probably all tried some kind of exercise at some point, and it takes a while to start seeing any kind of results, and these people have persevered past that point, worked hard consistently over a long period of time, and now are finally reaping the benefits of a healthier/stronger/fitter body….and everything that comes with that.

To the Strong Ones: I salute you!


Second group are the Inbetweeners, they’ve also worked hard for a bit, and it hasn’t been easy….it’s taken consistency to see some kind of results, they’ve probably backslidden somewhere along the line…..but they are still at it.

They are not quite where they want to be, but they aren’t quite where they started either.  It’s easy to give up at this point because you feel like you’ve at least achieved something…akufani…….but you keep on pushing on.

I salute you Inbetweeners!


Then there are the Nowheres ?, now these people! These are the unfittest (if there is such a word) of them all, break a sweat at anything ?, maybe overweight, struggle to keep up in group classes type of gymer.

It doesn’t matter how obese a person might even be, (I came across a lady so big she had to get help going down the stairs) the one thing that really inspires me about this gymer is that they have made a resolution, not to continue the way they’ve been living, and they’ve set goals for themselves……and they literally have to start at rock bottom, but they are there, doing it one exercise at a time, no matter how tough it is because they know they’ve made a decision to change their ways.

These people work on a high level of hope because even though they have a vision, it seems so far that they probably struggle to see it. Nonetheless, they push on.
To the Nowheres, you inspire me so much!

By the way, I’m an Inbetweener ?….which one are you?