I love this image of Shkeila Lanise so much ❤

One of the things I’ve come to dislike about living in an urban city like Joburg is that we’ve become so westernised that something as natural as breastfeeding is frowned upon.

Funny enough, when I’m back in the Eastern Cape, or even in Soweto, I don’t think twice about feeding my child wherever I am, but yoh, in the burbs ?!   I still do it but with a bit of hesitation ?? .

And I get that it’s a “different strokes for different folks” thing and not everyone is really keen to breastfeeding their babies in public.  But some people (I’d say a lot) do.  The thing is: we see boobs and people in skimpy things Allll the time but let a woman try feed her child and people have lots to say, and do not hesitate to voice out their disapproval.

My thoughts and advice for the day if you’re not for public breastfeeding: as with other things that don’t please you, if you see a woman breastfeeding in public and you don’t like it: Kindly Look Away. Problem solved.


(Image from @mum.n.afrikan)