alarm clock routine kids

So, we’ve never really been a strict routine family……I think I’m actually scared of routines, I feel like they will stifle the life out of me, and make me boring (haha).

But honestly I think it’s just my personality, I wanna rebel against anything that is set; the moment someone tells me something must not be done, that gives me the motivation to do it ?.  I just like the freedom of doing whatever, whenever I want to.

It worked with having one (easy) child, my schedule was still pretty much flexible…..of course certain things like naps and meals were fixed or predictable but the rest of the time, we were all just living our lives……and it worked…….until… 😐
Having two kids has changed a lot, especially two small ones who are two years apart……my days are so hectic, now I am on my knees crying out to the god of routines ??

So, tonight we started with ‘The Routine’ *dramatic music*

So, during the day, we kinda have something good going……meal times, nap times, educational time, play time, etc.  Evening time is the circus around here, so that’s what we’re mainly trying to change.

We’ve been co-sleeping with 1 year old Hubo till now (☺️yeah, I know….but it’s sooo convenient because he’s breastfeeding) and 3 year old Kumi was sleeping on her own until she decided she had had enough (so we were waiting until she fell asleep to put her in her bed but if she woke up randomly during the night she’d come join the party)… yeah, now you can see what I mean by ‘circus’ right?

So, I’m documenting day by day how the big challenge goes.

Disclaimer: This is not a “How To” and I’m not professing to know what I’m doing ?….. I’ll just be documenting how my attempt goes ?…..if you have any thoughts/advice/something that has worked for you, please feel free to comment 🙂