“I am in charge of being calm, no matter how my child behaves”

A tough call, it can seem; but we can give our children more respect and dignity.

Hear me out:
If we think of it more rationally, we find it ok to lash out at kids when they do something wrong, because we feel justified in our responses because of their actions.

But we typically don’t respond the same with other relationships – we don’t typically feel ok to lash out at our friends, our family, our colleagues when they do or say something we don’t like, we would usually have a more considered and calmer response.

I know parenting is a bit different and it’s hard to apply this all the time 🙈 but in general, these are also humans, who deserve the same (if not more) grace, kindness and respect.

Children don’t “make us do or say things”. But they can definitely show us the areas where we can do with a bit more control, a bit more restraint, a bit more grace.

We definitely owe it to our kids to also learn to control our own emotions as much as we expect them to…🔥🔥

And it can be a challenging one, trust me, I know, but these are lives we’re shaping