Yes, we are having another baby!!!!!  Bring out the confetti!!! 🎊🎊


Was It Planned?

I know one of the first questions that everyone asks is: Was it planned? 🙄😂

And the answer is: Not by us 😀

With our youngest now at four, we thought we were out of the “baby-season” and well on our way on the “raising” season…..but “Surprise Surprise”, God was like “I don’t think so” 😂

The funny thing though: is that years ago, the number of children that we wanted was 5-7. But then over the years, as we adulted, we let go of our young and foolish ways 😅  and the final number we decided on was 4.

So, 1) I joke that God clearly took that initial order and didn’t recognise the second order.  Like when you change your mind on your meal at a restaurant but the order has already been placed and the chef has started working on it 😂😂😂

And, 2) Most of the people that have known us for a while are sooo happy because they know that we’ve always wanted a big family 😊❤️. So, they’re definitely not surprised or confused 😃


How Am I/Are We Feeling?

Let me speak for myself first…

You know, the thought of having more children was so far from my mind, I was really convinced that after over a decade of baby-making and raising little little people, we are now in a different season.

So, I was really pleasantly surprised that I was sooo happy to be expecting another one.  At some point, it actually just felt so unreal how happy I was, I was feeling so excited as if this was my first ever pregnancy!

Maybe I did want more children subconsciously 😂.  Well, in that case, that subconscious better come through for the sleepless nights 😃😃😃

But man, on a serious note, I think that being granted the opportunity to raise yet another human is a serious privilege and honour.  Yes, it’s not easy, and yes, it requires a lot, just a lot of everything 😀; but I truly feel honoured that we get another beautiful child added to this family, and that we get the privilege to love, nurture and shape them for life and eternity 🙌🏾

And my husband? Is he feeling the same?

I was honestly a bit worried about breaking the news to him 😃 I know he was very much over ‘baby-making’ (although we had spoken about adoption) but he was over the labour that is making & raising your own infant 😃😃😃.  At some point, he’d even joked that he would cry haha! (so, you see why I was stressed about telling him?!)

But he’s honestly on the same page, I was relieved 😅.  His first comments (after the disbelief, of course 😃) were literally the same – that children are a blessing.

How Has The Pregnancy Been?

Yoh! First trimester has just been something else!!👀👀

So so challenging, I’ve barely been awake or been able to do much these past few months….the pregnancy has really taken a toll on the body. The fatigue, the discomfort, the insomnia, that general sense of unwellness has just been at a high 😑😑😑

Yoh, I’ve been seeing flames guys, and my extensive pregnancy resume & experience has counted for naught here 😂.
But, I mean, of course, my body is doing the miraculous work of manufacturing a whole human being inside here, so let it be, I guess.


Are We Going To Have More?

The jury is out on this one at the moment! 😃😃

Let’s put a pin on it and maybe circle back to the conversation in 2024 😀😀😀

Yeah, truth be told, I don’t know.  This pregnancy so far has gotten me feeling like “Never Again!!”, but I had also previously uttered the same words when our fourth was doing the most at very unholy hours each day…but here we are.  Clearly, my word cannot be trusted 😂

We will figure it out along the way.  I would love to think that I’m open to life working out as God sees fit for us.  Sometimes, we go ahead and make plans, but God has plans for us that are slightly different from what we envision for ourselves.

At this point, I don’t know if I will desire to have more or not.  And I don’t know if I will be surprised into having more 😃.  We shall see.


Okay, that is The End of the story 😊😊😊

We are having another baby, Yay!!!

Please pray for us that it may go well with us, for the pregnancy, for the birth, and for life beyond ❤️