Thought #2 (30 Thoughts Before 30)

Beauty Products – Do They Really Make Us Beautiful?

To the ladies, interesting thought: that is; the things that we use to “beautify” ourselves often leave our natural beauty in a worse off state.

What do I mean? Well, for example, we use make up to ‘accentuate our beauty’, whether it’s everyday or for special occassions.  However makeup is mostly not good for our skin, so it actually can end up working against us in the long run.
Hair extensions tend to leave our own hair less taken care of, making it susceptible to damage….some more than others.
Nail polish makes the nails look pretty but leaves them weaker.

Now, please don’t take this as a “Don’t Use Beauty Products” post.  I love nailpolish and my life would not be the same without eyeliner and blush haha!, and now I’m really starting to enjoy lipstick.  But I just thought it was interesting, that the beauty that we put on eats away at our natural beauty……which will eventually force us to use even more beauty products in the long run, either because we’re so used to it and it has become a part of our lives or our natural state/look has been so damaged that we can’t do without it. Interesting.