It’s that time of the year where most of us are making plans for the year, and beyond.
I’ve definitely been in that mode for the past few weeks.

But. I must say, something about dreaming and planning for the future actually tends to take me away from the present a little.

So, I’ve had to intentionally slow myself down to appreciate the present more.
Thinking of the future can easily make one focus on the things they want to achieve or get, and by default, take the focus a little bit away from what they do have, if not careful.

I’ve had to take time to count the multitudes of blessings I’ve been bestowed with, and just be grateful for every little and big thing.

For the breath in my lungs because some would have loved to still be alive, for a roof over my head as some seek shelter under cardboards, for cupboards with food as some rummage the bins for their next meal, for having the children we’ve wished for as some pray each night without ceasing, for this wonderful body that still carries me everyday no matter what I feed it, for a relationship with the creator of the universe, and everything inbetween ?
If I could count every blessing, I would definitely exceed my character count ? but I do hope that it’s a perspective I will always carry with me.


Challenges in this life may come every now and then, and there’s always something to long for.
But, as Jonathan McReynolds sings, I’ve seen more sunshine ☀than rain ?