Nothing makes me happier than a well-used toy! 🙌🏾

We bought this scooter about a decade ago for our first born and it has been handed down, all the way to the 4th 

And I couldn’t be happier to let it go, on some “You’ve really served our family, you may go rest in peace now (or is it pieces? 😅)”

In fact, I feel like this should be the case with kids clothes and toys, we must use and re-use them until we’ve used every single cent’s worth 😂

I don’t know why we as urbanised parents don’t have a culture of exchanging and passing down clothes & toys to each other 

Call me cheap, but I will ask friends for clothes before I go spend money at the shops….because
1. Kids clothes are so expensive,
2. They outgrow them so quickly &
3. More than half the time, they’re making them dirty and damaging them anyway (the stuff of childhood)

So, although there is obviously a need to buy new clothes, I actually try not to invest too much of the money we do have in kids clothes… you know what I mean?

But I guess, when it comes to giving, I tend to think twice and give to my closest friends where I’m sure they won’t get offended 😬
But anyway, these are things we should be doing in our communities, and conversations we should be having.