We had our 5th baby a month ago!
And I’ve just been thinking about what an important role we as the family will play in her life.
How being born into this family will shape the person she will become, amongst many other factors of course. How the interactions with us will play a role in setting the stage for who she will be.

And I guess I don’t often think about it like this, but we as a family will be this human’s primary companions for a while, as she makes her way through this life, and onto the next.

Also, having been through some counselling,etc in my life; I’ve come to learn that a lot of issues that people end up dealing with as adults stem from how they were raised.

It all made me wonder how God decides which family He’ll place us in.

And also I’m even more grateful for these wonderful little humans we get to journey with and humbled to have yet another one added to our care 🙌🏾❤️