The truth is that there are certain roles where no one else can take your place and do what only you’re supposed to do.

No one else can be a Mom to your kids.
No one else can play the role you’re supposed to, as a wife or husband (well…..uhm…🤔…you know what I mean 😅)

I’ve been thinking a lot more about this these past few months.
And have been trying again to reprioritise my heart, my energy, my mind, my time.

Yes, I do have many other roles (as we all do) that I’m called to be faithful to.
But I’d really like to get to a place where my family gets the very best of me, where I show up for them with the very best of my ability and intention.

And I’ve gotten it right some seasons…..and not so much in others.
But I guess as long as there’s breath in my lungs, there’s opportunity to try again…

(Side note, on this topic….is that I was a bit stirred by the news of Jamie Foxx suffering a stroke and his movie (that he was currently filming) getting a stunt double to replace him while he recovers in hospital.
It’s business, I guess; but just got me thinking again about how certain spaces in your life will immediately and effortlessly just continue without you 😑)