alarm clock routine kids


Today’s Results: Baby wins
Kids: 2, Parents: 0

After the interesting night we had, the troops had clearly found their way back to our bed by the time we woke up.

We started the day behind by about an hour, everyone got out of bed around 8 and we had breakfast then and got ready for the day. We haven’t been doing much in terms of educational activities because my husband and I took this month off any kind of work, so I decided I would take a break from the ‘school work’, so our days have been pretty chilled, anything goes.

  • 11am – Hubo napped (the plan was for him to nap later in the day but he fell asleep when we got to gym…..oh well)
  • 1pm – lunch for both of them
  • 3pm’ish – afternoon snack ( was praying and crossing fingers that he wouldn’t take an afternoon nap…and he didn’t….yay!)
  • 4pm’ish – started preparing dinner
  • 6pm’ish – dinner for everyone
  • 7pm – brush teeth, bath, pyjamas, reading time, prayer.
  • 8pm – put both of them to sleep (later than the plan because we started eating dinner a bit later)

The Drama Begins…….
As soon as I was done reading the stories, Kumi knew it was time to go to bed now, and she started asking for the Dad. Then once we got over that, she started asking for water. I don’t let her drink water at night, for fear she will pee in her sleep. Reminded her about that, but she just kept on asking…..she must’ve asked 10 times or more ?…the persistence! I must admit I almost gave in there for a moment ? but quickly realised that that would take us back.

Moving on to prayer time, when I asked her what she wanted to pray for, guess what her answer was? “Water” It took a lot in me not to burst out laughing! ???

So anyway, we prayed (not for water ?) and then said goodnight. Tears, as expected but at least today she didn’t try to get out of her bed…..gave her a furry friend that she held on to for comfort ?. 9 minutes later when I went in to put Hubo down, she was already asleep …….nice!


It Was Silent For A While……..
At least we were able to enjoy some alone time for about 2 hours, then …

  • 10pm – Hubo wakes up….Langa gives him the bottle, he drinks but doesn’t sleep until I breastfeed him ?
  • 12:40pm – same story ?
  • 1pm – wakes up again but this time I decide I will try to let him go back to sleep on his own……he’s far from happy, he cries and screams, I put him down and leave the room and keep on checking on him every 10min, each time I find him trying to get out of the cot.
  • 1:27pm – manages to wake Kumi up with the racket he’s making…..I hear her saying something, I think she’s trying to comfort him….but at least she’s still in her bed. I go in and try to calm him down, and put him back down….he continues to have a crying marathon…..
  • 1:41pm DDDOOOOOF!!! (we find him on the floor, he somehow managed to climb out of his cot *sigh*…..I take him into our bed, that’s the end of tonight’s episode ?