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Today’s results: Mama & Baba win (just by an inch!)

Kids: 2, Parents:1 ???

Woke up feeling a bit sorry for the little one, after his fall the previous night☺️.

We made a few changes today:

1) we adjusted the cot so it’s on the lowest possible setting, seeing the little guy actually managed to climb out,

2) decided it would be better if the kids sleep in different rooms whilst we get settled on the routine, otherwise Hubo will keep on waking Kumi up at night. But the plan is to let Kumi fall asleep on her own as usual, then take her out into our bed (unfortunately),

3) the plan is for me to sleep in the kids’ room to keep an eye on the little guy and so it’s easier to get to him when he wakes up …….I managed to pull Langa into keeping me company…….so if you walked into our house in the middle of the night, you would have found this toddler sleeping on a huge bed and the Mom and Dad tucked into a tiny single bed ???……but as Langa says, it’s a small price to pay for the dream we want ?.

So, the day was pretty much the same as yesterday in terms of the other aspects of the day, except that tonight is typically date-night, but we decided not to go out tonight so as to keep the consistency…..besides the fact that it’s a tight month financially (I still made a special meal, bought dessert, etc… night on a budget….more of that on another day). So we also put them down a bit earlier today so we could have more time together.

  • 6pm – dinner for the kids
  • 6:30pm – bath, reading, prayer (Langa did the bulk of it tonight as I was prepping our date night meal)

  • 7pm – downtime….a few tears from Kumi (they are getting fewer each day ?) & I breastfed Hubo for a few minutes and he fell asleep (PS: I always do it in the dark so he falls asleep easier)
  • From 7pm onwards – Feelings Of Happiness – yay!! ???
  • 10pm’ish – Hubo wakes up…..Langa catches him just as he’s waking up, gives him the bottle and Bam! back to sleep…! *more feelings of happiness* ???
  • 11pm – Yaqal’inkathazo ?……Hubo wakes up again, I try to give him the bottle but he keeps on smacking it out of my hand lol! I decide to try to let him get back to sleep on his own, so I go back to the bed…… much drama! ?…..He cries and screams, and tries to climb out, and gets frustrated……and cries and screams and…..every time I thought he was getting tired he’s start all over again?….this went on for a good 2 and a half hours!! ?????? ??Wow!
  • 1:27am – He finally goes down ?
  • 5:14am – He wakes up, I breastfeed him and he goes back to sleep (This time I couldn’t possibly let him go back to sleep on his own ?)

And that is how day 3 of the challenge went……tough tough night but at least the parents score for the first time lol! Whoop whoop!!