alarm clock routine kids


Today’s results: Mama & Baba win again! ???
Now we’re even ? Kids:2, Parents:2

Here’s how the evening went:

  • 6pm – dinner
  • 6:30pm – bath, reading, prayer
  • 7pm – downtime…….

By the time, I was done bathing them, Hubo was already keen to sleep *airpunch* but I made one blunder ?…..I had promised we’d call Gogo, so we had to just before reading.  Wasn’t a great idea, by the end of the phonecall Hubo was feeling more lively ?, and it ended up taking me slightly longer to put him down

(Lesson learnt: keep everything the same, don’t throw in Any new things, especially ones that will stimulate them).

No tears from Kumi today!!! Whoop whoop!! After prayer we did goodnight and kisses, and she just complied *happydance* ???

  • 9:44 – Hubo wakes up, bottle, back to sleep ?
  • 10:56 – same story
  • 12:07 – same story …….poor guy, he shouldn’t be waking up this often but I think he’s just not used to sleeping on his own……which is the other problem we’re trying to fix… had to leave him to fall asleep on his own……..and yep, the tears and the screaming and and and *sigh*
  • 1smthn am – finally falls asleep! (The crying was about an hour long today but at least it was half of yesterday’s time ?)
  • 5:20am – wakes up, bottle feed, falls asleep *airpunch*
  • 6am’ish – he wakes up, this time I can’t help but take him out into the bed and squeeze and cuddle him….and breastfeed…..yeah, I did it ?

Ag man, being a parent is not for the fainthearted hey ?.  I knew the routine thing was going to be tough but man it’s actually heartbreaking…..just seeing your little baby crying and screaming out for you, but you can’t pick him up and comfort him, you have to let him cry it out because you’re trying to do something that will benefit them greatly in the long run, but they just don’t know it in the meantime……and so in the meantime, they’re probably confused, angry at you, and all kinds of emotions are flying because they don’t understand what’s going on.

I had a moment of ‘weakness’ in the midst of all the commotion last night….I saw his sweet little confused face and had to steal a moment to just hold him tight for a few minutes, hoping that he’d somehow know and understand that I was there and I love him……before I had to put him back in his cot to cry it out again ?.

The whole scenario actually just made me think of how it must be like that when we are going through tough situations and feel like God is not there with us……..