Play is the highest form of researchAlbert Einstein
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“Play Is The Highest Form of Research”

One of the (many) things I’m having to unlearn in this homeschooling journey is the idea that learning=classroom=paper,pen&book=teacher in front of class, etc.  I’ve had to discover what learning is all about and am continually forming my idea of what I want our education to look like. Anyway… of the things I keep on having to be reminded about is…

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Because I Said So…

There is no phrase as tempting as this one!  Especially at the stage our children are currently at, where every little thing seems to be faced with the question “Why??” “Why do I have to eat my vegetables?” “Why must I go to sleep?” “Why do I have to go pee?” “Why can’t I play in the rain?” “Why must…

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advantages of homeschooling
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Why Do We Homeschool?

I’ve had to answer this question so many times.  Sometimes to seemingly well-meaning people and sometimes to seemingly judgmental or skeptical ones. I guess homeschooling is not quite the norm in our nation….so more often than not, when the topic of school comes up in conversation, I have to brace myself to answer a lot of questions…! I think I…

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the different kinds of people you will find at gym
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The 3 Types of Gymers

Every time I go to gym I can’t help but be inspired by all the people there, it’s inspiring on so many levels. Firstly, people at gym have made a resolution: to work on having a fitter/healthier/stronger/slimmer body. It’s one thing just deciding on something, but when you have to invest your hard-earned cash into a decision, it’s something else….

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why you have to marry up
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Why You Have To Marry Up

Financially, I’m not sure which one, between my husband and I, married up, because we both don’t have money, except for that inheritance lumpsum waiting for me  (lol! I wish); and our families are far far far from balling. Education-wise, I’m also not sure. He went to a high school that cost about R60 000 a year (20+ years ago),…

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don't wait until you're perfect
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Don’t Wait ‘Til You’re Perfect

Until today, I’d always seen Sarah (Abraham’s wife) in such a perfect light.  When I thought of her, a perfect woman came to mind….and of course the words “Mother of Nations”.  Rightly so, because this is the woman that God chose amongst them all to bear the nation of God, Abraham and Sarah were the first Israelites, the entire nation…

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