healthy eating

If you are what you eat, then your grocery list is very important.

Here are some things I do to help our family eat better:

1)  I try not to buy junk food when I’m grocery shopping…..the general rule is that we buy per craving……so if you’re craving chocolate bad enough to drive and get some, then it’s a serious craving and you shouldn’t be denied ….haha!

2)  I watch what I keep in the house because it will ultimately be eaten at some point. So I’ve also sometimes had to politely refuse to pack some not-so-good foods leftover from a party, braai, etc

3)  Having healthy food around the house is good for the kids as well, I find myself having to say less “no’s” when it comes to the kids opening the fridge and cupboards to snack….except when my daughter eats the olives I’m planning on using for dinner!

4)  Snacking is a good thing if it’s on the good stuff…..having a variety of things to snack on will keep it interesting (fruit, raw vegetables, dried fruit, nuts, wholegrain crackers, etc)

5)  Even comfort food is not such a bad thing if it’s on the good stuff (well…according to me) :)…..when my son cries, I don’t feel bad giving him a piece of fruit or a Provita to distract him (I don’t do it all the time of course)

6)  Planning the week’s meals helps to put more thought into what the family will be eating and snacking on, and helps me to shop better.  It also helps me with the budget: I’ve found that there is less waste when I know exactly what I’m buying for the week.

How do you help your family eat better?