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Learning About The Human Body

We recently did a week focused on learning about the human body in our homeschool 🙂 There is honestly SOOO much to learn about the human body, no wonder people spend years upon years in university studying! I must say: 1) Just in preparing for these lessons, I was in awe of God’s design….when you learn more about everything that…

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On Child Loss

Everytime the ‘opportunity’ arises to speak about our loss or ‘non-linear’ journey to starting a family, I always find myself conflicted on what to share, how much to share and if people care to hear the story at all. Well, I know people care, but I’ve also learnt that they just prefer not to talk or hear about it, because…

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Thoughts On Gratitude

It’s that time of the year where most of us are making plans for the year, and beyond. I’ve definitely been in that mode for the past few weeks. But. I must say, something about dreaming and planning for the future actually tends to take me away from the present a little. So, I’ve had to intentionally slow myself down…

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Our Birthday Traditions

We love birthdays at our house, who doesn’t though?! We treasure each other’s birthdays and we try to make the day as special as possible, without feeling like we need to break the bank to do so.   IT ALL BOILS DOWN TO MEMORIES I generally love organising parties and events but we don’t always have the budget to host parties…

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I love this image of Shkeila Lanise so much One of the things I’ve come to dislike about living in an urban city like Joburg is that we’ve become so westernised that something as natural as breastfeeding is frowned upon. Funny enough, when I’m back in the Eastern Cape, or even in Soweto, I don’t think twice about feeding my…

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We’re Created To Fit Together…

I made an interesting observation this morning. The boys were going through the puzzle basket, and took out lots of puzzle pieces. Some of the pieces weren’t even in their right packets/boxes. And we’ve lost or thrown away some of the boxes (because space). So, it was so interesting seeing them, as they sorted through the mess and just started…

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